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Industrial Consultants brings to you 30 years of expert insight in compliance and safety. Join us as we explore hot topics within process safety management, hazmat, safety and refrigeration.


Emergency Responders

Emergency Response Plan

As we all know, it is imperative that we can rely on our Emergency Response Plans. This is no groundbreaking concept. Yet we often find that we have these cumbersome documents but cannot access the information quickly. Time management directly impacts the outcome of an event.

Citation Watch

Citation Watch: Minnesota Co-op Fined $120,000 for Violation of the Risk Management Program

A Minnesota Coop located in Randolph and Montgomery Minnesota. This Minnesota Coop stores anhydrous ammonia in excess of 10,000 lbs.


OSHA’s Requirement for HAZMAT Hands-On Training

Recently, I was asked a question in my class concerning HAZMAT computer-based training. Due to our current situation involving Sheltering in Place, the question seems eerily relevant.

Virtual Hazmat Team

Industrial Consultants Virtual Connection

Here we are all together, in 2020, facing an unprecedented global situation referred to as the coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19.  Most everyone in the world is being affected by this pandemic at very personal levels.  It has touched our finances, health, vitality and emotions at an unprecedented level and never experienced by any of us in this generation. 

Bonfire Camping Safety

Planning, Training and Preparation Are The Keys to Success

My wife and I went camping a few nights ago and the low temperature was supposed to be 39 degrees with a forecast of clouds and rain moving in during the morning hours. With that information, we knew a couple of things had to be accomplished before nightfall, which was in an hour.

Incident Commander Training, Essential for Everyone

In the 1970’s, California was suffering from catastrophic wildfires. There were numerous fire battalions fighting multiple fires simultaneously, and virtually no communication between them. This caused teams to be pinned down by consuming fires with no means of escape.

Starting a HAZMAT Team

HAZMAT teams are crucial when your facility houses and uses hazardous materials. Creating a HAZMAT team on site at your facility is important and involves planning and preparation. There are many items you will need to consider when initially setting up your team. These tips are specific to a facility using ammonia, but can be applied universally with slight variances.

Hazmat First Responders

The Cost of a HAZMAT Release

A HAZMAT release can be, and often is, costly. However, when I talk about the cost of a HAZMAT release, I am not simply referring to dollars and cents. Much of the cost of having a re-lease cannot be measured monetarily. This cost goes far deeper than simply opening a checkbook or calling the insurance company.

Workers in a Confined Space

What You Need To Know About Confined Space

What is the difference between confined space and permit-required confined space? In our industry, there is often confusion between the two, and not knowing, could prove hazardous. The code and regulations referencing confined space can be found in 29 CFR 1910.146. Reading and understanding these codes could prove crucial in our industry. It’s important to have training with confined spaces in your facility as well. Not only is it required by OSHA and strictly enforced, but training could also prevent injury or even death.

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