Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Course: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Training

Duration: 4 Hours


A. When to use an SCBA?
a. Brief History of Respirators
b. Review of general OSHA health hazards
c. Review of exposure terms and limits
d. Review of the Respiratory System
e. Review of Respiratory Hazards
f. Approved respirators for IDLH atmospheres
g. Discussion of use at the facility

B. Basic OSHA Requirements for SCBA Respirators
a. Overview of OSHA 1910.134
b. OSHA checklist for written Respiratory Protection Program

C. What is an SCBA?
a. The basic system
b. Breathing Air requirements
c. Air Tanks
d. Fogging and Nosecups
e. Using an SCBA

D. Inspection and Maintenance of SCBA
a. Cleaning and disinfecting
b. Storage
c. Repairs
d. Inspection requirements
e. Inspection Form

E. Quiz

F. Hands-On Operation
a. Inspecting an SCBA
b. Donning an SCBA
c. Exercises with an SCBA
d. Doffing, Cleaning and re-storing the SCBA​​​