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A Third Decade of Service

Industrial Consultants, LLC is celebrating its third decade of service providing the training needs for companies like yours. Companies that must comply with health and safety regulations enacted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.
Industrial Consultants, LLC is focused on the food industry, due to the large number of refrigeration systems using anhydrous ammonia, for which safety and health regulations are very strict. These regulations are ever changing, with nearly every aspect of your business being impacted by OSHA and EPA. Expertise is needed at all levels to ensure compliance. Industrial Consultants continues to provide this expert assistance and guidance to help meet all your compliance needs.

Industrial Consultants, LLC is totally dedicated to assisting you in achieving your compliance goals, taking the mystery out of compliance, and helping you gain control of your safety and training needs.

Let Industrial Consultants, LLC be your compliance connection.

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  • Emergency Response Training
  • Incident Commander Training                                               
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Training
  • Process Safety Management(PSM)
  • Process Hazard Analysis(PHA)
  • Compliance Audits
  • EPA Risk Management Programs
  • Safety Support Services
  • Boiler Operator Training
  • Plant Optimization Programs
  • Mechanical Integrity Inspectionspics_generic2

Each of these widely differing programs must meet specific OSHA and or EPA requirements for training your operating and safety personnel. This is the essence of compliance. However, continuing annual compliance is certainly not simple. Industrial Consultants, LLC can take the mystery out of compliance and help you gain control of your safety and training needs.

Industrial Consultants, LLC has been training safety and operating personnel for thirty years. Thousands have benefitted from our current, comprehensive, complete and accurate training. You may rely on Industrial Consultants, LLC to keep your organization current on the ever changing OSHA and EPA training requirement for your facility. One phone call will give you complete information.