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Steve Harmon


With formal OSHA training, a degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, as well as his leadership in ‘on the job’ safety programs, Steve brings a great deal of information to the class room in his role as a HAZMAT safety specialist.

Previously a plant manager, Steve offers a business prospective to safety, plus his innovative HAZCOM program for a specialty arm of one of the largest glass companies in the U.S. gives him the ability to present your company with a unique, creative approach to the HAZMAT process.  His role as a safety team leader for a major rubber specialty parts manufacturer, has uniquely prepared Steve to help your team become safety literate and safety savvy from a very practical employee involvement viewpoint.


In his personal life, Steve’s hobby in amateur radio, along with many years as a volunteer in ARES and RACES has allowed him to be involved in handling emergency communications traffic in times of severe storms and other local emergencies in the community.


Steve’s business experience, hands on safety training, on the floor understanding, and leadership roles in all aspects of the process allow Steve to give your HAZMAT program an employee centered approach that they will understand and take with them in their everyday jobs.



30 Hr General Industry Outreach Program

OSHA 511

OSHA 501

OSHA 503