40 Hour HAZWOPER Training

40 Hour On-Site HAZWOPER Course

40 Hour HAZWOPER Training


OSHA 1910.120


40 Hours


This course is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA for training of emergency response personnel who will respond to leaks or spills of chemicals for the purpose of stopping the leak or spill. It can be tailored to other specific chemicals in your workplace. OSHA requires that all personnel who are expected to respond to spills or leaks must have this training.


This course covers:

  • Procedures for handling emergency responses
  • Written emergency response plans
  • Hazards confronting responders
  • Material Safety Data Sheets and Terms
  • Health effects of Chemicals
  • How to prepare for emergencies
  • How to decontaminate responders and clean up spills
  • Protective clothing
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA's) and Respirators
  • In Depth Reporting requirements
  • On Site Surveys
  • Placards
  • Dot Guidebooks

Who Should Attend

Members of management, engineering, maintenance, refrigeration, safety,
production, human resources and security. A good cross section can contribute
greatly to the overall effectiveness of any emergency response team.
Hazmat Ammonia First Responders