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RETA CIRO Review Course

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Course: RETA CIRO Prep


8 Hours


Refrigeration Operator Training Class or 2 years experience in industrial refrigeration.


This review course is taught by a RETA Authorized Instructor and is specifically designed as a review of materials that might be included in the RETA certification exam(s). This course is NOT intended to walk the attendee through the exam(s). This class is a review of the RETA technical course books; Industrial Refrigeration I, II, III, IV and Basic Electricity II.

Note: Please bring these books, as they will be needed for review.


The following is an outline of information that will be covered:

Refrigeration Fundamentals Review

Basic Refrigeration Terms and Principles
Heat Flow in Refrigeration System
The Basic Refrigeration Cycle
Properties of Refrigerants
Evaporators/ Cooling Units

Refrigeration System Operation

Low side valves and controls (Evaporator feed)
Direct Expansion System (DX)
Flooded Systems
Pumped Liquid Recirculation Systems (Liquid Overfeed)
Secondary Coolant Circulation System
Two Stage System
Coil Defrost
Measuring System Performance


Ladder Diagrams
Test Instruments

Panel and Screen Interpretations

Normal conditions
Abnormal conditions

Plant Operation and Safety

Record Keeping / Engine room Logs
PM programs / Line Break Procedures

Who Should Attend

Working boiler operators, plant managers, plant engineers, maintenance supervisors, security people who are responsible for boilers and people who wish to become boiler operators.