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Valve Tagging and Labeling

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Valve Tagging & Labeling Requirements

All facilities that contain ammonia refrigeration systems are required to have valves tagged and piping labeled according to required codes and standards prior to the introduction of ammonia into the facility. This program is generally focused on ammonia refrigeration systems, and those are typically utilized in food processing, cold storage, and power generation facilities to name a few.

Industrial Consultants, LLC will work with you up front to determine which types of labels and tags you will require. There are various types of material for tags as well as nomenclature that will need to be discussed prior to ordering the labels and tags. We can help you make the best choices for your facility.

Valve Tagging & Labeling

The Importance of Valve Tagging

Years of working around ammonia systems has allowed us to see hundreds of facilities.  Some follow the codes and standards for tagging and labeling while others do not. Facilities implementing proper labeling and tagging allow us to follow the ammonia lines quickly and easily and understand the layout of that ammonia system. Without proper labeling and tagging, it takes a considerable amount of time to trace out the lines and identify critical valves.

Through 33 years of service encouraging our customers to effectively label and tag the valves in their facilities, one message has come back to us repeatedly throughout that time. When our customers have unfortunately had an ammonia release in their facility, if the ammonia line had not been labeled and the valve had not been tagged properly, they would not have known which valve to close.

Valve Tagging & Labeling FAQs

What are the consequences of inadequate valve tagging?

Labeling and tagging allows the facility to train all operators effectively on their applicable SOP.

SOPs will generally indicate to the operator which valve to open or close based on the operating procedure selected. If the ammonia line or valve is not tagged or labeled, the operator could cause damage to the refrigeration system and cause harm to themselves or other personnel at the facility.