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Electrical Safety Work Practices

Electrical Safety On-Site Training Course

We Bring Our Safety Experts To You

The purpose of Electrical Safety Training is to educate individuals who work on or around electrically energized equipment, so they have the knowledge and tools to prevent unexpected and sometimes severe outcomes caused by unwanted release of electrical energy.

The training also covers topics such as Personal Protective Equipment that may be necessary when performing certain electrical procedures, when to use PPE, what type(s) to use, how to inspect PPE, and the frequency of those inspections.

Your safety and compliance with all of the regulatory requirements in the industry today are our number one priority. Industrial Consultants is your Compliance Connection.

On-Site Electrical Safe Work Practices Course


OSHA 1910.331-333


4 Hours


This training is not an attempt to teach electricity or its basic fundamentals and theory. Instead the focus will be on discussion and demonstration of safe electrical working habits as they apply within the general industry. Final evaluation of knowledge will be based on the test score and observation during their hands-on exercises.


This course covers:

  • The dangers of electric shock due to accidental grounding
  • Safe methods of inspecting and using basic circuits
  • Extension cords
  • Power tools
  • Ground fault interrupters
  • Discussion of methods for neutralizing electrical fires
  • Static electricity
  • Proper methods of de-energizing
  • Locking and tagging circuits
  • Procedures for working on or near energized circuits or equipment
  • Use and inspection of personal protective equipment
  • Safe use of test instruments
  • Circuit breakers
  • Fuses
  • Interlocks
  • Grounding straps
  • Batteries

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works on or with electrical equipment.
Industrial Consultants PSM Inspection & Compliance

Other Electrical Safety Considerations

Employers must also perform or have performed a workplace assessment of all electrical hazards in their place of work. The assessment must be in compliance with 1910.132 and other standards that cover workplace hazard and risk assessments and PPE selection.  

The Electrical Safety Training procedures covered in this course focus on basic awareness of working with electrical energy safely, potential harm/injuries that can be caused by electrical exposure and first-aid procedures if contact with uncontrolled electrical energy occurs. The requirements of written programs include electrical work, procedures for working with electrical energy, proper use and inspection of PPE, and the testing of equipment used to determine nominal voltage and inspection requirements.

OSHA also requires a workplace hazard/risk assessment be performed to determine the arc flash hazards present in the workplace. Failure to perform this assessment could open the door to General Duty Clause Violations, Subpart S Violations and Citations.

Electrical Safety Training Frequently Asked Questions

Which individuals must receive electrical safety training?

Companies of all sizes who work with electrical energy must train individuals who perform the electrical work in their place of business. Employees who could also be impacted by the electrical work must be made aware of the hazards they could potentially be exposed to and the consequences of an unexpected release of electrical energy.