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Confined Space Training

8 Hour OSHA Confined Space Entry Training

Confined Space Training Conducted On-Site

This course develops employee awareness regarding the dangers they may encounter while working in and around confined spaces. OSHA regulations associated with permit entry program and working in confined spaces are covered, along with many hazards such as atmospheres, fire/explosions, electrocutions, heat and cold.

Additional lifesaving information will be shared, as well as the need for rescue services. Instructors will review and demonstrate the use of equipment for entry including body harness, lifelines, gas monitoring meters, non-entry rescue devices, tripods and winches.

All companies (not just food processing plants) that contain hazardous confined spaces need confined space training if they intend to enter and perform work activities in or near those confined spaces. Without the proper confined space permit and trained personnel in place, the company is open to multiple citations from OSHA.

Confined Space Entry Training


OSHA 1910.146


8 Hours


This course is designed to meet the requirements of OSHA for the proper practice and procedures to protect employees in your facility from the hazards of entry into permit-required confined spaces.


This course covers:

  • Acceptable entry conditions
  • Hazardous atmospheres
  • Hot work permits
  • Elements of the programs
  • Emergency rescue
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Communications
  • Hands on training with sampling devices
  • Hazard assessment for confined space entry
  • Lockout/Tagout of confined space
  • Mock entry of confined space
  • Evaluation of entry, procedures and personal protective equipment

Who Should Attend

Members of management, engineering, maintenance, refrigeration, safety production, human resources and security. A good cross section can contribute greatly to the overall effectiveness of any confined space entry plan.
Confined Space Silos

Confined Space FAQs

What constitutes a confined space?
A confined space is not necessarily small by nature. Examples of confined spaces include manholes, sewers, pipes, tunnels, storage tanks, vats, silos, boilers and boiler rooms, hoppers, vaults and more.

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