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Ammonia Refrigeration Training

Refrigeration Training Courses & Services

Industrial Refrigeration Technician

Refrigeration Training
Customized To Your Facility

Companies using refrigeration in their facility are required to have trained, qualified, and authorized employees for the operation of their refrigeration systems. The more trained the operator, the less chance of an extended outage of the system resulting in a loss of production and product.

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Refrigeration Operator Training Courses

Refrigeration training courses are ideal for any company looking for a reliable refrigeration system. Upon completion of our courses, the trained operator will be able to visualize potential problems before those issues become events leaving the company without the cooling process and/or a potential off-site release of ammonia.

Our refrigeration courses include training on mechanical refrigeration systems in the machinery room (compressors, vessels, pumps), in the facility (evaporators, control stations), as well as on the roof (condensers, valves).


Level I Refrigeration Operator


Level II Refrigeration Operator

RETA CIRO Prep & Exams

This review course is taught by a RETA Authorized Instructor and is specifically designed as a review of materials that might be included in the RETA certification exam(s).
Valuve Tagging & Labeling

Valve Tagging & Labeling

Valve tagging and labeling is an essential part of the ammonia system. Without proper labeling and valve tagging, ammonia personnel will not be able to identify appropriate ammonia lines and will not be able to open or close critical ammonia valves. Therefore, all facilities must follow the applicable codes that outline what is required for labeling and tagging.

Industrial Consultants, LLC will work with you up front to determine which types of labels and tags you will require. There are various types of material for tags as well as nomenclature that will need to be discussed prior to ordering the labels and tags. We can help you make the best choices for your facility.


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